Renewal of Vows

Ultimately, a wedding ceremony is about making a public promise to commit and marry each other before an authorised officiant. A renewal of vows ceremony can incorporate all the joy and excitement of a wedding ceremony, however is generally much more relaxed and is more a happy celebration of your love, lasting happiness, and commitment to each other.

A renewal of vows ceremony celebrates your achievement of being successful at marriage. As you have already satisfied all the legal and social requirements for marriage, reaffirming your vows is something you do merely because you want to. It is a chance to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and look ahead to what is still to come.


When to renew your vows

A renewal of vows ceremony can be held whenever you would like! Important anniversaries (tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth) are often chosen for renewing your vows, however any special time in your lives that you feel would be appropriate to recommit, renew and celebrate is perfectly fine.

You can wear what you like, invite who you like, say what you like and celebrate how you like.

A renewal of vows ceremony can be similar in format to a wedding ceremony. You might like to reaffirm the vows you actually made on your wedding day, or you may like to write new vows which reflect on the time you have spent together and the happy (and sad) times you have shared together. You can incorporate readings and ceremony rituals as you may have in your wedding ceremony, such as warming rings (if you plan of exchanging rings), lighting candles or a sand ceremony. Your ceremony can be as similar or different to your original wedding ceremony as you like. It can be repeated exactly (withholding the important legal parts of your original ceremony such as the Monitum and some wording of your vows), or you can write new vows, have different readings or create a totally unique ceremony! Your celebrant must make it clear to your guests that the ceremony is a renewal of vows and that it has no legal standing, and the wording of your vows must not imply that the ceremony is a wedding ceremony at all.

This time round you might like to include any children, and have them say family vows or readings. You may also like to incorporate any new friends and guests that may not have been able to attend your wedding ceremony.


A Renewal of Vows Ceremony format can include:

  • Pre Ceremony Music
  • Entrance Music
  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Acknowledgement of any absent friends
  • Acknowledgement of any children in the marriage
  • Poetry, Readings, Songs
  • History highlights or recollections of the couples married life to date
  • Renewal of Vows (original or new)
  • Re exchanging of rings or exchanging of eternity ring/s
  • Signing of Certificate (include witness signing)
  • Declaration and presentation of couple
  • Announcement Music
  • “From the moment we met with Emma, we knew we HAD to have her as part of our special day. Emma is friendly, kind hearted, passionate and has the most infectious smile ever. We were most nervous about our ceremony, and wanted it to be a light hearted and love filled occasion.

    Emma wrote us the most beautiful ceremony, as if she had known us forever. The “scariest part” of the day felt easy, effortless and much to our surprise was fun! What we didn’t realise was how much time, effort and sincerity would go into creating a masterpiece of a ceremony for us. For anyone who has ever thought the ceremony doesn’t matter as much, I can honestly say that it matters the most!

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    My husband and myself would not hesitate to recommend Emma to anyone, she really was one of the best decisions we could have made.”

    Mr & Mrs Northe